Mourning and Rejoicing This Mother’s Day

Mother’s Day. It’s a day that comes and goes every year. Mothers all around the world are cherished and loved for the sacrifice and relentless love towards their children. Flowers are given, chocolates are eaten and many beautiful masterpieces are proudly hung on refrigerators created by little hands.

But that’s not everyone’s story. Some women are overcome with empty arms and lost memories. Oh, how much they long to be the woman that stands up whenever Mom’s are recognized at churches and events. And how ashamed some feel that their body just will not be in unity with the desire of their heart. Others stand because they have living children but wonder if anyone even acknowledges the baby they lost. Do they even count?



Sometimes you get the opportunity to watch your child grow up and other times they are swiftly gone before you even get the chance. Either way you are a Mother.

There are so many different emotions that come with Mother’s Day. You’re thinking, “I don’t want to spoil anyone else’s joy by bringing up my loss.” “It’s just not fair how they can have text book pregnancies and my body just will not work!” I am so sorry you are struggling with these thoughts. We all have. If you haven’t yet, you will.

This Mother’s Day don’t be afraid to celebrate a baby that was lost. You may not be celebrating moments you’ve shared together but you can remember them and make them a part of the day. To those that know someone that has lost a baby don’t be afraid to mention them. You will not be reminding the Mom of the pain but instead will be validating it and acknowledging that, that baby counts.

I choose to celebrate all of the babies God has blessed my womb with carrying even if they were only there a short while. Because they have made an impact on my life forever and are worth remembering. I can’t hug my boys on Mother’s Day without thinking about the 5 babies I am longing to embrace one day.

So, Happy Mother’s Day to all women that have carried life in their wombs. I pray it is a day full of an outpouring of love for all that you’ve endured and hope for.

Grace & Peace,

Melissa Reddin

(C) 2015