Being Rescued

I was just looking through my email and lo and behold I stumbled across a subject line that said, “Week 27: Moms on the move!” Sigh………..

Yes, that’s right. I should be 27 weeks pregnant. Thank you maternity store for that reminder. Instead I am 19 weeks post miscarriage. Now, I know that they did not maliciously slip that into my inbox to toil with me. I do not blame them. It’s just so hard to know where I should be in my pregnancy and what I’m missing.

And what I’m missing is…….

a child

a  lifetime of memories

my youngest being a big brother

and so, so much more.

Those of us that have experienced a loss have lost more than just a pregnancy. We lost OUR baby not just a pregnancy. Please acknowledge our babies. Because until you acknowledge them there is no way you can validate our pain.

The grief of loss can feel like you’re in deep waters with no rescue in sight. I know….I feel like I am coming in and out of deep waters constantly. But every time I experience what this verse says,

rescued me

So, look up, my friend. God is reaching down to rescue you from this sea of grief and so much more.

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